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Re: High blood sugar after low

Originally Posted by angelamy View Post
I'm wondering if anyone has ever had this problem. I woke up early this morning with a low blood sugar of 54 and treated with 1/2 cup O.J. I then ate a cup of cereal just because I was hungry and bolused for the carbs. Because I still felt bad from the low I laid down for a few to wait for my levels to catch back up. I ended up falling asleep for about an hour and then when I woke up and checked my blood sugar, it was in the 200's. I always treat lows with OJ and never have bad results but seems like if I lay down afterwards then my sugar sky rockets. Does anyone else ever have this problem or know why this would happen?

I never hardly have a reading below 200, sometimes 180 or 190's...but feel okay. I am generally tired most of the time, but have other probs...I am 69 yo. Wish I could help...feel sympathetic for you. Thanks