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Question Headaches + depression/anxiety/nausea/clumsiness

I am not sure where to post this; I am hoping this is the right spot.

I've had headaches on off since 2005. They can get pretty intense, occur on the left side and radiate into my neck. This year, they have been in "off" mode, however in the past week, they have come back full force, along with nausea, clumsiness (I spilled two large soda pop bottles within a 24 hour period, despite my best efforts to be careful), one episode of dizziness, depression, anxiety and panic feelings. The pain is usually worse when lying down or sitting up.

I am on four different medications for bipolar disorder, and despite taking the pills every day as directed, I still had breakthrough anxiety/depression/panic this morning, to the point where I needed to take an additional medication prescribed to me for panic attacks.

Should I call my primary care? I've had so many medical problems this year (Hysterectomy, nutritional complications which have since resolved, nasty cold which is finally out of my system), I only want to call if it is worth the effort. I see my psychiatrist this week. Should I wait until I see her?

I saw a Neuro for the headaches back in 2009 when I lived in a different state and they ruled out Idiopathic Intracranial Pressure (had a spinal tap and everything!) They ran some type of brain scan (I forgot which kind) and no abnormalities. That was in 2009, though.

I am just wondering what steps I should take, if any. It is very strange that I am getting all this anxiety, depression, nausea, clumsiness and a dizzy spell out of nowhere. Things in life are going quite well; in fact I recently found out about some very good news and cannot figure why I am depressed instead of jumping for joy.

Thank you for reading.


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