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Re: Have not smoked for...

Alberta! I applaud you and your efforts!!! It has been 4yrs since my stroke and I just quit Sept. 1st. I had always tried patches in the past, but always started up again. Also, after the stroke, the patches gave me problems. BUT, if they help then use them. The main things to remember are that when we quit, we romanticize smoking. We tell ourselves we miss the ones after a meal or first one of the day. That is bull puckey. They taste awful and anything we had to learn to enjoy, is not something that can possibly be good for us. The best thing I recently learned is that all those withdrawals I feared so much, don't even exist! There is no physical pain when we quit. The whole struggle is psychological. Once I got my head around that, I knew I could be stronger than that evil weed once used as an insecticide! You can be too and I wish you all the best. You don't need luck, just determination. Just don't ever smoke another one and you will never be a smoker again, pretty easy eh?! ;-)

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