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Angry 1 month Post PRK lasereye surgery

My left eye is behind by a big margin on recovery compared to right.

It has been 1 month post PRK. On the last check-up my left was measured to be 20/30, right is 20/25. But left feels much worse than that. If I was to put percentage comparing with when I had glasses, left eye 60%, right eye 85%. Right has started to show daily acuity progress but left seem to be stuck at blurry both near & far. Here's my prescrition I don't understand last 2 lines yet since I haven't followed up with doctor to inquire - he is a busy man.

R -5.25 sph.
L -5.12 -0.75 x 17

39.62 / 39.87 x 110 / 20
39.62 / 40.25 x 40 / 130

I must admit I can't help being paranoid thinking back to surgery day where they did left eye first I was told to stare at red laser dot but did I rolled my eye a bit? I think so maybe. I know device is equipped with feature that auto cancels the procedure if eye movement exceeds certain thresholds but this just seems to be logically consistent to the blurry left eye vs. right. When they did the right eye second I learned from other eye and got more accustomed and better at keeping still staring at red dot.

Is it simply the -0.75 astimatism making a big difference? Thoughts please?

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