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ARS symptoms, but negative at 9 weeks

let me get straight into it

i had sex with ma new woman oral and vaginal unprotected on the 26 of august. stupid i know.


1. 3 days later felt something in ma throat. as if food was stuck in it.

2. by the 5th of september throat was really hurting and had diarrhea, fatigue every day, white tongue with white line on inner cheek and night sweats. so i lost ma mind when i read about ARS.

3. 7th sept. went to the doc. told him all my symptoms. he said it was too early to test for hiv. little did i know about p24 tests and duo testing .......Anyways he said that was nothing to worry about (flu) and Sinuses. he said my throat was red. so he gave me antibiotics. which did not help one bit.

4. got tested anyways to see if possible i had anything before the 26th of august hiv elisa antibody along with herpes . Negative negative

5. 14 of sep. went to an ENT. He said ma lymph nodes in ma neck was a bit swollen and there was alot of mucus, so he took a swab for pathogens. came back clean. he also gave me antibiotics and anti fungal and some women yeas infection tables for ma tongue. he said that it was not thrust jus some overgrown stuff i cant remember. i still think it is thrush or its Hairy leukoplakia.

6. none of those meds helped. went back and did white blood cell check. Everything jus fine. ma woman to test on the 24th of september(thats about 30 days ) elisa antibody. Negative

8.i got tested again on the 4th of october (5weeks and some days) elisa antibody. Negative

10. 25th (8 weeks 5day) found somewhere what did HIV DUO tesing. Negative

So it the fifth of November and my throat is still sore as ever(get real intense parts of the day), tongue is still white feels like something wrong with my armpits. maybe lymph nodes. the doctors say i might be putting too much stress on my mind and body.

Need some INPUT.

1. If i went though ARS in the two week period. shouldn't i have tested positive at nearly 9week for antibodies cuz the p24 would be gone. or atleast for the p24 if antibodies are not there.


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