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Re: Dark purple colored toenails

Originally Posted by luca689 View Post
It does not sound like Raynaud's as the dusky , or blue/purple phase affects the toe itself and is caused by lack of oxygen. It doesn't change the colour of the nail. If digit itself is this colour and has remained so this long, you should definitely call your Dr. If it is just the nail, have you worn any dark coloured polish of late? That might be causing the purply colour of the nail itself, and yellowing can be caused by chemicals and fungus infections and such. You can certainly consult your Dr about fungal infections.
Hi, yes it is just the nail that is this color. I had on black toe nail polish and thought that could of been the reason, but I'm very hestitant on that notion cause I have worn that clor before and nothing ever came about from it. My toe nail on my rt foot has came off but only the half that was purple. So, I'm not sure what is the cause of this.