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skin at front of vagina; pieces of skin and some looks torn -- please help!

i'm seventeen, and i have only been fingered a few times, but that was months ago, and there was minimal bleeding. i have no idea if my hymen was torn, but i doubt that it was honestly.

in the past few weeks i masterbated for the first few times, and this week i've been itchy. the front of my vagina (i guess its the front? its closest to my stomach side) looks like it has pieces of skin that look and feel the exact same of the rest of my vagina. it looks like the front area zig zags in skin a bit instead of just being straight. it's like there are different small flaps.

i'm not gonna lie, i go to a private christian high school and i have no idea what it's supposed to look like. xD i just want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. i cannot go to a doctor for this, so the only thing i can do is storebought remedies i guess.

thanks so much for anyone who tries to help. i've been freaking out and there's no one i can talk to.

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