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Re: Dark purple colored toenails

Originally Posted by Curious12rP View Post
Hi, yes it is just the nail that is this color. I had on black toe nail polish and thought that could of been the reason, but I'm very hestitant on that notion cause I have worn that clor before and nothing ever came about from it. My toe nail on my rt foot has came off but only the half that was purple. So, I'm not sure what is the cause of this.
Hi curious, I have wondered about you. On last thread you said that you were seeing ortho for your back, did you go yet? I would get an appt to see an internal medicine dr first without delay! If polish, nail would not have fallen off! Please, your derma & primary with their " need dr house" comments, & not even 1 blood test! ER, making you choose what you are there for? Your primary is good for referral only right now ,imho. I would see an internist that treats & tests ALL body systems. I would get scraping culture on nail, EMG to check for nerve damage, blood work to check for infection, chemistry for dizziness, swelling etc. Worry later about back, first you want to see why you are SO sick! Ortho, then spine specialist neurosurgeon. Please keep us posted. Imo, you needed the right testing yesterday. Thank you, curious! Hope you get answers soon.

P.s. all those diagnoses that you listed were just opinions, with no testing with abnormal results right? So sorry. Something wrong- someone can fix! Bless you!

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