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Fibro or Hypothyroid?

Well I was diagnosed with Fibromylagia (have most if not all syptoms) but I recently did a blood test and apparently my TSH is 8.8. Now I have had my thyroid have issues before in 2003, 2005, 2008 so my thryoid has been slowly dying on me for about 10 years. So now I am not sure if its fibro or hypothyroidism or if it could be both. Having had this before I know most of what I did have before when I had this going on with my thyroid. The pain in my hands and feet Ive had before but this other pains ive been getting are new to me. Fibro and hypothryoid have such similiar sypmtoms so im not sure though it could be both. I have IBS, Tmj, Gerd and possible CFS so having fibro to wasnt too much of a stretch as most people who have those also have fibro.

My symptoms
Severe pain in my hands and feet.
Dull, aching burning pain while other times is a sharp constant pain periodically in my body.
Overactive bladder
Severe pain in the knee area (above the knee and below it, I cant really cross my legs or I have severe pain)
I have pains in atleast 14 of the points just sharp pain or a dull aching burning stabbing pain that comes and goes, and is usually worse in the morning not bad in the afternoon but bad in the evening.
Very low pain threshold, bruise easily (just barely whack something and I bruise it)
Morning stiffness
Pain in the eyes sometimes, pain in the back of my skull.
Some days I have a severe brain fog when I cant really do anything just because of the extreme fatigue.
Really impaired congnitive, my memory can be really bad I have to write down even the simpilest things, sometimes I forget what I just read and have to go back and re read it.
I have troubles multi tasking, I have troubles learning something new it takes me awhile to get it (something I was really good at before).
If I did something a certain way for quite awhile I have alot of trouble if I have to do it another way.
Sensitive to lights, sounds and smells. Especially lights it can really hurt my eyes severely.
Balance issues.
Issues with standing up sometimes I get light headed.

And thats all I can recall cause right now.. really fatigued and out of it lol.

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