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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

Originally Posted by cynthia62776 View Post
Hi yes like you i have had many many problem after gastric bypass i had it done in 2004 so your not the only one having problems i didn't have many problems the first year much but i will say it has been 8 years in Aug seem like my body just is going down hill i stay sick with colds all the time i cant eat a lot still when i do eat i will get sick and my stomach hearts and i will get sleepy and just fill bad all because i eat i have noticed the last year i would say that i seem to just have lots of stomach problems im not sure what the problem is but if i could go back to 2004 I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE GASTRIC BYPASS DONE!
I had my open procedure RNY in 2002, basically trying to be proactive with my health. I saw my mother struggling with her obesity to the point of hardly being able to ambulate and having difficulty doing any normal daily activities. I was slowly gaining weight, no matter what I tried and did not want to end up in the same boat. I am like you Cynthia and many others on here and find that I definitely would not have had the gastric bypass done either. By trying to be proactive with my health I have found that I was trading life literally. I have given up my career, as I cannot work d/t my health issues from my RNY, all stemming from the vitamin deficiencies that were not caught. I was given specific instructions to take Bugs Bunny vitamins twice a day, every day, along with three protein drinks. Do the follow up lab works and all would be fine. Wrong... very wrong. Unfortunately for me, the 'barbaric speciality hospital' closed up shop, not bothering to give any prior notice. I knew something was amiss as I was having an array of symptoms: ringing in my ears, loss of night vision, then hearing loss. Loss of balance began, to hair loss, then my balance began getting bad. Yes, I was contacting my barbaric surgeon, trying to get an appointment, which they were putting me off. Finally I put my foot down, when I found out they were closing their doors. I insisted on seeing them. By the time I saw them as their last patient, I was having short term memory problems. Poor medical care can and does make a difference. A permanent difference, in my case as I have ended up with permanent nerve damage from Vitamin Deficiencies. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one from that particular surgical group.
I have had so many people ask me why I did this to myself. HUH? For number one. Why would anyone even think to ask someone something so cruel is beyond me. Then I wonder also, why would then even think that someone would even want to inflict this life of memory loss, confusion, constant pain, dizziness and overwhelming fatigue onto someone else, much less themselves is baffling to me. Those alone are hard to handle, but I think what is worse is the isolation. That, my friends, is my worst enemy.
Yes, I can easily state: I wish I had never had the RYN. I went from a very active Mom, MaMa, outdoorsy person that loved to travel, hike, horseback ride, cook, camp, and go to church to being almost homebound with the internet as her best friend.
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