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Mild dry mouth, negative blood, help!

So I'm trying to get a diagnosis for whatever is going on with me. I've had tons of bloodwork done for a variety of things, all negative (including all autoimmune). I had an MRI to test for MS that came back normal. I suffer from neuropathy LIKE symptoms, nerve conduction came back normal, but I have burning, tingling, pin picks, deep muscle aches, and joint pains all through my body. I also have GI problems of unknown reasons. I sometimes suffer concentration and memory issues (only on occasion). I have dry eyes, can't wear contacts for the life of me. Am on restatis for that. I have very dry skin, can't shave without completely lathering in baby oil and still end up with cuts and razor burn. I'm constantly putting lotion on my feet and hands and often wake up from them feeling so dry and being really thirsty. My sinuses are very dry and always stuffed. I have difficulty clearing them out because everything up there is dry and crusted. When I do get anything out it's always dark green and red (dried blood). I have what I feel is maybe mild dry mouth. I am constantly applying Chapstick or my lips stick together or to my teeth. I feel like my teeth are very grimy, like I need to brush them often because they feel filmy. I do not have a very dry mouth, dentist says he can see saliva production in my glands, but do have troubles articulating my words when talking for long periods or trying to read a book to my daughter. What happens, without drinking liquid, is that I feel like the saliva I do have I have trouble swallowing, like I really need to form it together to be able to swallow. I often wake up with a dry throat that feels swollen. My question is could this still be sjogren's? The oral surgeon doesn't want to do a biopsy because he says I'm producing saliva, he can see it. Could the lip biopsy still confirm sjogren's if I don't have severe dry mouth? Anyone else experience this and is there anything else this could be?

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