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Smile Re: Mild dry mouth, negative blood, help!

i know exactly what you are going thru. for the last 1 1/2 yrs been dealing with multiple symptoms many of what u mentioned and many more. i was told by specialist everything was fine and doctor and was fibro or all in my head lol. hated that answer finally found a great family doctor bout 6 months ago and he AGREED with me he said something was not right and he believe i have something else going on a possible autoimmune disease. he sat down explaining to me sometimes symptoms occur before anything is noticeable in blood, urine or x-rays (ect) looking back i had symptoms before 1 1/2 yrs just didnt realize cause i blew it off ( like problems swallowing, speech problems) i just worried when i was in pain all the time then started getting in to see the doctor. so for about the last 3 yrs technically been having these multiple symptoms and not a single test result that was abnormal besides a slightly elevated cpk level. not high enough to worry about. Now last week after switching to my new specialist after other refused to run labs again, i have so many abnormal test results and my doctor was right it may take yrs for it to show in labs. i just have to go for more tests now until he can tell me what it is for sure but i am making progress and he has a list and has to rule it down to one thing. just hang in there it is quite a struggle but remember get a second opinion if you are not happy with your results.