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Re: Bad breath... why me?

Hi unhappy
Do you constantly have to clear throat?
When you cough or blow nose , can you smell a smell?
White film on back of tongue , that when you scrap it , it smells.
Do you nasal congestion at times?

If so you migh have post nasal drip.
I had these symptom but thought nothing of it.
I have used many mouths that didn't help, breath -ex ,Thera-breath and many other expensive ones.
My bb was bad that you could smell it even when I had my mouth closed. It smelled really bad!!!
I even used vitamins , chlorophyll pills ( thinking the smell was from inside) , chacoral pills , goldenseal root pills, GSE and many more but nothing worked .

Then I was told to use Claritin and mucinex . Note : I tried Zyrtec and mucinex together but nothing happen , which Zyrtec didn't work for me .
My symptoms improved within a day or two.
No more clearing of my throat.
No more white film on the back of my tongue.
No more bb
No more smell coming from the back of throat.

I now use a net pot to rinse my nose.
I also take Claritin and mucinex together. ( I take Claritin daily but not mucinex) I've read that Claritin helps with post nasal drip too .

The cause of my bb was coming from the white film on my tongue and from the back of my throat where the mucus would drip.

Am not sure if this would help but just thought I shared what helped me.