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Cool Re: What do girls think about shy boys?

I personally find shy people repellent and extraordinarily dull.

But that's just me.

I like a confident, friendly, outgoing guy who is not obnoxious and loud, but who willingly contributes to any conversation and who is willing to approach me and say "Hi ig. how's it going? Wanna go do ___ with me?" where ___ is some nonromantic activity in a public place like a walk or watching a baseball game at a pub.

You are shy. Therefore you need to match yourself to someone who is not disliking that you are shy. You dont want to pretend to be somebody you are not - you just need to come out of your shell a little and figure out who you are and what you stand for - knowing your core beliefs will help you speak with more confidence on any topic.

Figure out what type of person that is, and go meet them! Try meeting in neutral nonromantic settings - it takes the pressure off in the beginning of the relationship and gives both people an easy out if they find out they just "want to be friends" eg are not that into each other. The best pickup line I've ever heard is "Hi I'm ____" where ____ is your name, along with a friendly smile.

Good luck!