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Why is my brain fog back????

I haven't been on these boards in 3 years. I have had 2 children since then and I felt like I was doing it, I was coping I was getting by and I wasn't thinking about being dizzy as much. Then 3 months after my son was born in an instant the brain fog is back. I always found that to be the most troubling symptom of this inner ear disorder and now I am back to feeling just as I did when this all started. I wake up with a lump in my throat having to face the day feeling like I am out of it while trying to be a good mom to my kids. I am crying non stop the anxiety is back full force and I am angry. I don't want to live like this. I spend my time day dreaming about how I used to feel and begging God to make it go away. I have made a couple of doctors appointment so far with no luck. THe ENT said viral labyrinthitus and that I would have to live with it. I have an appointment with an Otolarynologist tomorrow and I just don't have high hopes about it as I have been through this all before. I feel like I have very little support from this invisable illness bc nobody knows what you are talking about and you feel like no one believes you, bc it is such a strange sensation that no one would normally feel without their inner ear being damaged. I really don't want to live like this...I want it GONE. I feel so deeply for everyone here on these boards and know what you are going through. I wish there was a support group here where I live but I have not found one. I hate being the dizzy mom and not fully being the Mom that I want to be. It makes me sad, I used to be so strong and now I do not know where to turn anymore. I want to really up and become stronger from this when it becomes a distant memory, but when something just won't go away and there is no definate cure you become broken and sad and just don't know where to turn. Anyone have anything helpful information about how to beat this thing?

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