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Rising PSA, need guidance on next move

Went to Urologist today, PSA continues to rise - facts and numbers as follows:

Age - just turned 62
Father had Prostate Cancer

PSA Levels:
2009 - .7
2010 - 1.1
2011 - did not take
April 2012 - 1.7 (or 1.6, not clear)
Nov 2012 - 2.2

Got the 2.2 results today. Doc did digital rectal exam, prostate felt normal.

Gave me choice - biopsy now, or wait 3 months. Told me, while you can never be sure, he feels 3 months wait would not present any real risks. I asked what he would do if it was him - he said he would do the biopsy, and he has, in a similar situation. Said the threshold at my age is 3.5, but rising level, with family history is cause for concern.

I told the doc i would come back in three months for retake but i dont know if i am doing the right thing
I am in NY area, i hear Columbia Presbyterian has high reputation docs for this. Should i
1. do the biopsy
2. wait
3. get a second opinion immediately

Also, do any docs put you to sleep for the biopsy? I've heard it is pretty painful.
Very nervous, any guidance would be really appreciated.

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