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Exclamation Re: HPV Not STD No Sex Without Protection

I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 15 when this was all a semi new epidemic and I was a virgin and never had any sexual contact, I was a complete dork/nerd whatever you wanna call me. There wasn't any guy in the world who wanted to come near me at that time. Years later I ended up getting pre-cervical cancer which I had removed. You do not have to have sexual contact with another person to get HPV. You do have to have contact with an object that has the virus on it and transmit it sexually, such as toilet paper in a public bathroom or a public toilet. Women for example, normal women don't wipe just once but twice forcing them to pull another piece of paper from the roll. If they have touched their hands on themselves which does happen which is why we should wash our hands after using a public bath (some people don't gross, however) we grab the next piece with disgusting hands and wipe ourselves again. This leaves part of our sickened hands on the last part of the paper for example. Women may wipe 3 times while on their period. It's not like HIV it doesn't just die in oxygen. I was told by plenty of doctors while I was again a virgin with no boyfriend that this is why the disease is spread so easily. This is why about 70% to 80% of women have it. It is not that you have to have sex or personally touch genitals. It's if someone touches their genitals touches something else that you might touch your genitals to. It's basically like a fungus, it spreads in different ways depending on what your PH balance is. It stays on whatever you've touched and depending on your PH forms into what it wants to. It is a virus but its [I]not like typical Warts, Herpes or HIV. It doesn't keep mutating. It is what it is and there are a few variations of what that is. Again you only have to come into contact with something that someone has touched that you touch to your genitals ,again it has to come into contact with the same thing you will either put into your mouth or genitals. I never sat on a public toilet even in high school but NOW I (even if the toilet paper is retract) I first rip off an inch then i wrap it up so much (which is wasteful but so what) that when I wipe myself it doesn't even have a chance to bleed through, and I do that of course a couple times as normal. I now also carry around a bottle of sanitizer around wherever I go and I still rip off. I live in in a place with a lot of Theme parks, I stopped sitting on and touching the bars while waiting in line for a ride. I use the sanitizer before I wipe myself. It is that easily spread, 70 to 80 % not of MEN but of WOMEN have HPV. This is also why it's not considered nor is it treated if you notice as an AIDS, HIV, HERPES, OR WARTS epidemic. There are no straight forward commercials careful of having sex or other warnings if you notice like there were with other STDS. Now your mouth in general is used to fighting viruses, so you are less likely to get the disease from eating a bag of chips outta a vending machine (but you never know). The best warning to prevent HPV is Sanitize all public objects that will touch your genital organs. So Yes it is an STD, however it doesn't need to be transmitted by the same and/or opposite sex. It just has to be [transmitted from one organ (animate or inanimate) to another regardless of how that happens. YES THAT INCLUDES SITTING ON A PUBLIC TOILET! That is a fact