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Re: Severe Leg Pain When Sitting/Standing post fusion

Originally Posted by StockliRacer View Post
Thanks for replying. I know what you mean by getting you down. When I went in for surgery, it was for a microdiscetomy and ended waking up with the fusion so now that this happening has been very depressing. What bothers me is that I didn't' have it when I first started getting around, but within the past few days the pain has gotten so bad that it is bringing tears to my eyes anytime I try to sit/stand and is only relieved when I lay down. I'm on Oxycodone and Valium but neither decrease or relieve the pain. Dilaudid bottoms my blood pressure out so that isn't an option.
I am also just a couple of days post op, 3, and i am having worse siatic pain then presurgery. I was told nerves were moved and this was not unusual. I am on muscle relaxer and hdrocodone 10. I think we need to give it time about 3 months until we will see improvement.
I also had C5-6 fusion surgery in August 2012 and it got worse before it got better. I hope this gives you hope for the future, you will be feeling better in time. I wonder why you re not on muscle relaxer? i really can telll when mine runs out! Good luck! I hope you both improve each day.

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