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Red face Inner ear pain and dizziness inner ear virus hearing loss

Inner ear virus extreme pain dizziness hearing loss

i just came from the ent for the second time.

the first time on tues i had fluid in my right ear and all congested in my sinuses so bad i could not breath. i was put on amoxicillan and short 5 day course of prednisone.

i woke up at 4am this morning in excrutiating pain in my right ear. I went back to the ent and now I have been diagnosed wtih a virus in my right inner ear. I have severe pain in that ear and dizziness especially when i move.
I also have some hearing loss in that ear.

this started a week and a half ago with a severe soar throat and fever when i took a zpac and then went full blown into an uri infectin., i got a zpac and then had severe diarrhea.

can anyone help with diagnosis and massive confusion that i am having. i cannot even stand load noises or put the phone near my ear.

is it safe to drive or am i contagious with this type of virus? The ent i think said no but i am foggy and at this point i do not know what to do i am drinking plenty of fluids and slept for 30 minutes.
i also have great fatigue.

WHAT IS AN INNER EAR VIRUS AND WHY SO LONG now i could not sleep and all congested again can anyone help?
someone respons as fast as possible

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