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Red face labryith hemorhage/vertigo/hearing loss...possiblly hormone related?

Hi all and thanks for reading. Just a quick note, I'm on my smartphone so please forgive the bad spelling and typos. I'm in the midst of a vertigo attack now, so I'm not really caring about my grammer.
Sept 1 I ended up having such bad vertigo it lasted for 3 days. After extreme dehydration from vomitting I go to the hospital and stay for 4 days. I had countless tests done to rule out brain tumors and strokes.
After finally seeing a ent, he orders another MRI. Turns out I had a bleed in my inner ear. They are pretty rare unless you have trauma. Unless my husband beat me senseless in my sleep and never knew, trauma isn't a factor. It left me with 90% hearing loss in right ear and balance issues. After getting a steriod shot in my eardrum I did notice a little change in my hearing and balance.
Now, a little past info. I'm 36. I have 3 children, the youngest being 9 months old. I was breastfeeding and started my 2 period (back from having the baby) when this happened. The thing I find interesting was the period was the brown blood (sorry for getting gross, but I'm desperate to find help) . Yesterday I started to get vertigo again, but only lasted a couple of hours and its the end of my period. Today I ended up with sudden vertigo and having brown blood again. This us making me believe this could be hormonal.
I have seen a neuro Dr, ent, hematologist, oncolist..all trying to find out the spontaneous ear bleed a little over 2 months ago. They have no idea.
I thought I was in the clear from any mo re vertigo problems until yesterday. My husband did a hormone check on me ( he does FDN fictional diagnostic nutrition) and all my hormones have bottomed out. It also said I'm premenipausal.
So, now I know I don't have a crazy blood disorder or cancer I'm leaning towards hormones. So anyone out there shed light for me. What have you done that has helped? I have 3 kids, I cannot stay in bed for days like this. Thank you for reading and responding!

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