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Re: my pubic hair stopped growing..?

Elsewhere people tend to say it's completely normal. They say it has no cause and don't worry about it. That may be true. Indeed there are tons of reasons hair follicles can stop making hair. It could be a sign that a harmless autoimmune reaction occurred there. Some people have a tiny bald patch on their head like this and it's nothing.

But just to conjecture about it, a fungal infection could also possibly be the cause. Itching would be a likely sign of a fungus. Ringworm (and other fungal infections) can cause things like that. And 'ringworm' is actually a fungus not a worm. People can get it (and many other skin infections) from other people and even pets.

If it were fungal, you might find anti-fungal/dandruff shampoo helps. Personally, I like Neutrogena T-Gel. It has pine tar 1-2% as its active anti-fungal ingredient. You might only use it occasionally if it's too harsh. I see ********* mentions tea tree oil soaps might be used too (for fungal skin infections--and that's obviously not necessarily what you have), but they might be harsher. Maybe you might try a yeast infection cream on it.

Incidentally, if there's any chance you got a fungal infection from a pet, it could help to prevent this to wash all your household pets with an anti-fungal shampoo. This could be especially likely if you pets scratch a lot. My dogs didn't have ringworm but they did scratch a lot until I washed them with zinc pyrithione an (weak) anti-fungal shampoo. They practically never scratch now. It's pretty amazing.

Only a doctor can get you the strongest anti-fungal (prescription-only) creams and shampoos. So a doctor can give you the fastest cure on top of a medically informed diagnosis.

Also if it responds to anti-fungal treatment, you might find following a candida diet helps for future prevention.

Finally, bear in mind, I'm a guy. Women might be better informed to tell you this is just perfectly normal or not (and non-fungal or not). Maybe someone better informed is reading? Please don't get worried by my uninformed conjecture.