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So confused, why do I have inflammation around part of my incision?

I had a complete hysterectomy on October 26th, open abdominal surgery. I had a ton of staples in. After about a week, I noticed the staples were certainly irritating my skin, I had redness around the staples and some redness a bit on the sides of a certain area of my incision. Had this looked at by more than one doctor, told it was irritation, not infection. Had staples removed on Wednesday.

Well, that area where there was redness started to get a bit more red and inflamed. I went to the urgent care last night and the doctor said it was very inflamed but didn't see signs of infection since it wasn't hot to touch and the incision looked fine. He called it post operative inflammation and said this can happen. I had my sister and mom look at it today and both said it looks very inflamed but not infectious, it is not hot to touch at all, nothing is secreting from the incision. It just looks like an area about 2-3 inches to the left and right of the incision and up vertically is inflamed and red.

Has anyone had this and what on earth causes it if it's not infectious? Thanks.

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