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Re: Vestibular Neritis success stories 2

Originally Posted by Teetime01 View Post
Hi VN,

I was hoping to reconnect with all from the closed post. I thought you were we'll on the way to recovery. I'm sorry to hear that you are still dealing with this. Well, I'm 5 months into this. For the past month, I though I had crossed into being normal again...I was headache and ear pressure free, was walking an hour a day and started limited driving. I was convinced this was just a bad memory...until last night. I took the dog for a walk in the evening, it was dark, and had not walked in the dark before. It was strange, i felt as if I would trip. Well, here we go again. I got home from a 30 min walk and the ear pressure was back along with a horrible headache and the feeling of spaciness. Today the symptoms are still with me...reminiscent of how I felt 2-3 months ago. I'm guessing this is a relapse and hoping it passes quickly. Has anyone experienced this?

Wishing all the best!
Yeah, I have had a relapse about 2 months after I got all better. after the relapse, looked up who was one of the best docs in the world for this, travelled to him, did the CDP and other tests, did the consultation, and got some new VRT exercises.