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Can someone help me figure out this mystery rash, please?

This is so weird and confusing ..

This morning, I found an itchy rash on my left arm (no where else). It's like hundreds of little red bumps. So, I washed up and put on a clean shirt. NO new soaps or detergents (I use free-and-clear anyway). Also no lotions or perfumes or anything either.

It seemed to be going away.

Just now, however, it's back!! And again, only on my left arm (to be specific, underside of my forearm). Same spot, nowhere else.

I've asked on other boards, but everyone just shouts "change your laundry detergent!!". But, that doesn't make sense to me: for one, I've used the same detergent for years, and two, why would the rash be appearing in just this one spot? Another person said it could be bug bites. But again, that doesn't seem too plausible. I'd have to believe there is some tiny bug inside my house (haven't been outside today) or fleas (I don't have pets) that has crawled up my left sleeve and bit me hundreds of times ... TWICE??

So any help? Anyone know about localized rashes?

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