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Re: endstage liver disease

Originally Posted by ladylegg View Post
My husband has been diagnosed with only a few months to live. I need imformation. He sleeps a lot , always tired & week. Doesn't each much , mostly cereals & candy. Sometimes he doesn't even walk outside for days at a time . Does anyone have any advice as to , what I can expect to see as he continues to decline
Hi. My husband was diagnosed in Nov.2011 . He was in the very last stage of cirrhosis by this time. You can expect that there will be times when he gets confused.EX...My husband was looking for "eggs" on the couch,would pick up the remote and stare at at,confused as how to work it,things like that. Is your husband taking Lactulose? They give this to them for a laxative so that he goes to the bath. frequently and gets rid of the amonia levels which if elevated will cause confusion.It can only be expelled through bowel movements. One thing I want to tell you is CALL HOSPICE! They are SOO HELPFUL in going through a terminal illness! You can expect him swelling up with fluid-feet,hands and abdomen. If it gets too bad they can do a paracentesis,which is draining off fluid. Alot of weight loss.As it progresses he'll get really weak and come to a point where he can't stand or walk by himself. Nausea,maybe. They have pills for that. Alot of pain in the torso,back,legs. Shortness of breath. Now that my husband is nearing the end he doesn't speak at all unless he's asked something. Then sometimes he even won't.Loss of appetite gradually gets worse til they barely eat anything. Trouble swallowing. If you want any more info just ask. I have been through exactly what you are going through! Good luck and God bless.