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Extreme weakness left leg

I would be very appreciative for any feedback or direction to other resources, boards, or guesses at my condition. It appears very unique, at least no doctors, physical therapist, or web research is turning up anything.

It appears one specific muscle in my upper left leg is becoming EXTREMELY weak and getting worse. I would call this my 'Quad' on the front of my leg. It is definitely the muscle which when contracted 'pulls' or 'lifts' your lower leg (below the kneecap) forward.

I say this because when I walk my left leg will sometimes just 'buckle' and I will fall to the ground (very embarrassing). If I sit on a chair or bed I can lift and straighten my right leg so it is horizontal to the floor (so my foot is maybe 18" off the ground). But I can not lift my left foot more than 3-4 inches off the ground and I struggle to hold even that. This muscles is EXTREMELY weak like a baby (it sucks).

When I climb stairs, and this is getting very bad, I can lift my weight w/ my right leg/foot as I go up, but struggle when taking a step w/ my left foot and having to lift my weight. I need to use the railing to help.

This has been going on many years, maybe 5-10 I have noticed the left being more weak but it is getting worse quickly. There have been no specific injuries to start this, I have always noticed my left being weaker and think it may have started earlier.

The doctors did some MRI's but not a lot. They sent me to physical therapy where they said I have become a master at using my hamstrings to 'push' my leg forward rather than my Quad muscles to contract and 'pull' my leg forward when I walk. I can not run. People notice I walk w/ a weird kind of limp sometimes.

I think it is some type of muscle degenerative disease but don't know what. I think the muscle has atrophied to almost nothing but physical therapy is not working until some problem gets fixed (I think). I bought an ellipical machine for 9 months using it regularly but zero difference in my left leg (I have lost weight, eat healthier and trying just no change in the leg).

My lower limbs (ie., legs) have always been skinny for my body. I am 6'4" tall, weight about 190lb right now. My upper body strength is ok, I can lift things, carry doors, wood, roofing tiles, bags of concrete ok (not super strong but I'm ok). But when I walk w/ these items I feel my left leg may collapse out from under me any second.

I am 46 years old now.

I am willing to fly from Hawaii to the Mainland if there is a good place to get a full evaluation. I am trying to schedule a muscle biopsy soon. I went to a neurologist here who did some electrical tests and said the muscles responded to electrical pulses but I'm not sure that electrical signal is reaching my quad from my brain.

What makes it so unusual is it is so focused on that one muscle (the quad). Doctors have said if is MS it would affect more muscles.

Any help, thoughts, suggestions would be very appreciated.

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