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Re: endstage liver disease

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
Since your post is short with very little info, I will responed in general, and if you have more specific questions, please post again. First of all, I am very sorry you have received such sad news. Do you know what has caused his liver failure? Whenever someone's prognosis for survival is less than 6 months, they are eligible for hospice care. That can be assessed now, then started whenever you and husband feel ready for it. It is a wonderful support system for patients and families, and I would highly recommend you get a referral for Hospice from his Dr. They will explain in depth how the program works, and you can decide if and when you want to start it. They provide services for patients at home, and also inpatient services if that is needed.
The physical aspects of liver failure are many, and one is confusion and lethargy. I would advise that any financial or legal affairs be taken care of as early as possible while his mental functions are still clear. You can research symptoms of hepatic failure to be prepared for the changes he may experience. Being prepared is half of the battle in coping with the decline in health. I would also encourage you to anticipate what resources you have in the way of insurance coverage, veteran's benefits, family members who can help, who can provide respite for caregiving so you are not working 24/7 to care for him by yourself. The more you can do now to anticiopate and prepare, the less stressful it will be later on, and you will feel more in control of what is happening. That's a handful for starters, so I'll leave it at this. I would get a notebook to keep all the phone numbers, resource info, etc. handy and organized as you accumulate information. You will find this board helpful and supportive, so glad you found us!