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Re: Things Getting Worse

Today i tried a couple of alternative nasal sprays, a natural sinus tablet that dissolves, and a supplement with quercetin and other stuff. i am not going to mention the names because i don't want people to think i am trying to hock stuff, and heck, I have no idea if they are even working but i do know i felt better shortly after i took them. for the nasal sprays, i sprayed them then laid on my back on my bed with my head hanging over the side to get the spray into the upper sinus and it burned pretty bad...which in a way is good because I know that is the area giving me the most problem now.

My game plan:
- consider getting off allergy shots
- 30 minutes of meditation/ohm each day (vibrations hopefully help sinuses)
- nasal sprays then laying on back with head down
- go to as much of a natural food diet as possible
- not work as much and focus that time on my health