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Re: How do you survive?

It does not sound crazy that the pain lessens when you are on the health boards. I have severe back issues and chronic pain. I was the country girl who loved being outside. Horseback riding, hunting, riding four-wheelers, gardening etc all gone. I am still fortunate enough to work a full time job, though it is in jeapordy for missing due to days the pain has me bed-ridden. My family isnt very supportive and mostly because they think I am too young to hurt as bad as I say. So for about ten years I have slowly retreated into my Isolation. For the past few months I have been "health board browsing" and finally signed up the other day. I have made a post and responded to a few as well. I feel that I am not alone when I am here and reading others stories. and the pain does lessen when I do. So no it is not crazy.

I do fear the day that I am no longer able to work. For numerous reasons. But for now I do go to work and that helps keep me busy.