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Re: endstage liver disease

Originally Posted by ladylegg View Post
Thank you so much for shareing your'e experience . We do have Hospice now , and they are wonderfull. My husband does take Lactulose , as well as 2 water pills . He has recently started haveing the nausia and has been put on a medication for it as well. He has fluid build up & blotting , his feet aren't swelling at this time . The Dr. says the fluid isn't enough to drain , that it would be too much of a risk of him possibly bleeding out . His Dr. said they won't do anything about the fluid , until it starts putting pressure on his lungs , and causing breathing problems. The worst of his pain , seems to be in the bowels , caused by the laculose. He has back & hip injuries as well. He uses fentynol pain patches , and strong pain meds as well , but his pain level rarely goes below 6. Last Tues. the Dr. seemed surprised that , he's as well as he is . His nurse gave me a booklet that talks about the final months . It's called ' Gone From My Sight' and it seems like , he's very close to that time frame. Thanks , and God Bless you too.
Yes I have read that book..alot of info. there. May God give you strength and comfort.