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Feeling Dizzy, Post Gallbladder Removal

I guess I should start with the symptoms of why my gallbladder was removed. Since the end of May I had been having on again, off again symptoms. Most days, I felt like I was going to throw up (without eating) throughout the entire day. Some days it would hurt for an hour, some days it would hurt all day. I also had a lot of gas (mainly burps) in the morning when I woke up. They went away throughout the day but I still had gas.

I also had a lot of people tell me I looked pale throughout the period of having my gallbladder (which they have since said I finally have color back)

I had some dizziness during that period and was told by a lot of people it was a symptom of having a bad gallbladder.

I had blood work done. Everything came out normal.
I had a stomach emptying test done to see if my stomach was moving food through quickly enough. It was fine.
I had a CT Scan of my abdomen. Everything looked normal.
I had a HIDA Scan and found out that my gallbladder was only emptying at 16%.

However, in the beginning, I had pain when I ate but that went away. I had pain in my back, which they told me was radiating from my gallbladder.

Last Thursday, (10 days ago), I had my gallbladder removed.

I am still having a few problems. My stomach hurts from time to time. Some days are bad like they used to be and some days are great. I have had pain in my back three times since I had it removed. Finally, I have been dizzy again and again. Probably 5-7 days of being dizzy.

Did anyone else have these problems? When did everything go away? Did everything go away?

Thanks for any help

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