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Re: Feeling Dizzy, Post Gallbladder Removal

Originally Posted by yrsofpainsucks View Post
I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago. My dizzy spells stopped after about two weeks. I know that most people say you feel brand new after a month but it took me close to six to feel normal. In some ways I still dont feel normal though. If I eat a fatty meal I had better have a bathroom avaliable in ten steps or less. Not everyone has that issue though. The pain in your back and shoulder is most likley what titchou said. It was a good 3 weeks before that was gone. I have to say that was the most painful thing out of the whole surg. And I was walking regularly the day after surg. I went back to work the day after (I do not reccomend this-my doc was very angry but my job was on the line)

I just had another thought though. Your dizzy spells may be due to pain meds. I dont know if you are still on them but that may be what is causing them. I would say though if they are not subsiding by your post-op appt I would bring it up with your doc. Google recepies for post op gallbladder. people with no gallbladder, diet for no gallbladder etc. Not sure if you like fish but it is good for us with no gallbladder. I hope this helps
That actually helps because at this point, I am beyond frustrated with everything. I just want to go back to feeling healthy again. The doctor told me there was a 20% chance that they would have to scope my stomach if I was still feeling sick.

I just want to be healthy again