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Re: weird physical problems showing up while trying to process emotional effect of ra

You are not a freak. I was raped when I was 14 and started wetting the bed. this is how my mom found out. I wouldnt tell her and she thought it was kidney problems. I am now an adult and feel bad about the money she spent on dr's that couldnt figure out why. urologist sent me to gyno-and being a virgin before the rape it was obvious I was no longer. so long story short mom found out. This is a very tramatizing thing that happened and your mind can effect many other parts of the body including but not limited to bed wetting and irregular periods. Any kind of stress can throw off a womans cycle. I procecced and delt with 90% of this on my own. I was resistant to my phsyc dr's and would talk about it to no one. I am now almost 30 and have delt with a lot of it but not easily. I hope that you can find the support, help and love that you need. And we are always here as well.