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Re: Skin Bridge

Originally Posted by Krisb21 View Post
Okay so I have a skin bridge at the bottom of my Penis. I have had a girlfriend for almost two months now. I have been scared to have sex with her on account of the bridge. Will it hurt if I have sex with her?
Dear krisb, I have two sons & actually would need more information about your bridge before i could answer. And, i would have to ask you personal questions about things that i dont feel comfortable asking you @ such a young age. I do know that your parent/ patents love you more than life itself & would fight off 3 hungry lions bare handed for you. Trust him / her. They will help you to the best of their ability to get the care you need. The surgery is usually nothing to do if the skin is attached at a small point above & a small amount below. The dr just ties off the bridge @ attachment points, to stop blood flow & cuts the pedicle away, then may cauterize for bleeding. If attached all the way the dr may have to use a plastic surgeon type approach to make sure you have skin on all surface of penis. Please trust your parents/parent to help you. If not, a coach, school nurse,relative etc. Who you trust the most. Try to tell someone that can arrange
treatment appt for you. Just my opinion, but that is what i would want any
one of my children to do.

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