Thread: Rheumatoid Arthritis What to do!?!?
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What to do!?!?

I am not sure if this is something I should look further into or not... I have been having joint pain for over 9 yrs. I have only mentioned it to my PCP 1 time about back and hip pain. She was first to mention RA to me and ran test . Nothing came back. I am 24 yrs. and feel like i'm 90! I wake up to stiff fingers, toes, and back for the most part and in pain. My joints feel like they are grinding and locking . I feel like I have to constantly pop my fingers, hips, knees, wrist, toes,...the list goes on, just to move or be able to pick stuff up. My knuckles are a tiny bit different in color, a light pink color and are warm but my fingers are freezing.. I hope that makes since. I am not sure if its just me, or something else.. I recently went to an orthopedic specialist over a bump on my right hand. Then tried my best to explain everything else that bothers me. He also mentioned RA, but my previous test showed neg(which was 8 yrs ago) so he kind of brushed it off. I don't think these docs. are taking me seriously because of my age. That or all my symptoms make me seem like a hypochondriac. I Have went a long time thinking that all the pain was normal and everyone felt like this. I push through each day and just suck it up and deal with the pain, then I pay for it big time at night! Any info is appreciated.. Thanks

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