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Re: 6 year old's eyes roll back and falls back

I have complex partial epilepsy from when I was 8 years old.My first two seizures were ones in which I felt incredibly unwell was sick and when i was going back to bed my mum and dad saw my eyes roll back too and I got unbalanced and fell on the floor before I had a long deep sleep. Now the symptoms are just dribbling, talking jibberish, loss of balance followed by tiredness and a headache. Everyones epilepsy has different symptoms and there are different types,there are also things that can trigger my seizures such as stress tiredness or general illness.The medication im on limits them to 1 or 2 a month and I'd recommend you get it checked out. By the sounds I doubt its serious but im sure it would be easier for both you and your daughter if you knew exactly what was going on and a solution to control it.Go to your doctor make the suggestion of epilepsy and explain the symptoms you have witnessed

I hope all gets sorted and this was a help
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