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Re: New And In Need Of Help

Hello, I am new on here as well, I know what you are going threw, I had my first Panic attack when I was 24 and I thought I was haveing a stroke, I started feeling funny, breathing irregular, and getting light headed, then I started to panic and it just got worse untill I went into Hyperventelation, sorry I spell like it sounds, anyway, I ended up in the hospital, it was the scarries night of my life. I thought it was over but seemed as thou the more I tryed to breath normal the more I was concentratting on it and feeling my pulse to see if it was normal and if it skiped at the slightest irregularity and I would panic and everything would esculate from there till a full blown panic attack. With me as you said it starts with numness or tingling of the lips and fingers and shortness of breath, this is due to exactly what it is,taking in more oxogen than my body can burn off, so I end up hyperventalating/Panic attack. Well its been 25 years since then and I have Panic Disorder I will probly have this the rest of my life, although once I found out they had a medication for this I have led a normal life and can, work, shower, go into a store, all the little things people take for granted. I know what you are dealing with and it is impossible to explain to someone who has NOT experienced these it in a full attack. I take xanex a 1 millagram for the fast actting but dosn't last long so I also take a 10 mill of valium yes I know it sounds extreaam but it really is not to have a normal life, yes i still get the attacks I am not afraid of them any more because of my meds. You have to find the right Doctor that knows about Panic attacks and is not affaid to suscrib meds for it. I take paxil for depression but it dose NOT help with Panic Attaks nor does prozack, lexapro, lorazapam, theropy, nothing has worked for me anyway and after 25 years I have tryed everything. YOU ARE NOT ALONE there are millions of people dealing with this disorder, I only hope that i can direct you to some meds that will help you that took me the first 10 years before I found out about xanex. I used to drink in my younger years and found if I had a few beers it would help, but as an alcoholic I drank to much and would end up with a hangover and themn wow the attacks were even worse, so thank God for my meds I said I am not as affaid of them earlyer, but recenly had a change of doctors and he tryed to tell me I could try other things as I have already tryed, he would not give me my meds and I ran out and YEP, attacks were terribly right back and I told a doctor that I cut his hair as I am a well established Barber in a small town about it, after over a month of hell, and he filled my meds for me and I am fine again. Sorry for this lenghy talk buy I want you to know this will NOT KILL YOUas we think in a attack, one of the times I passed out, as we feel like anyway and is part of the symtems, and I did pass out in the house and awoke and my body took over not my mind having been unconsious, and I felt better, since then and the many times in the hospitals and them saying "there is nothing wrong with you, you just hyperventalted" and so many cases have been reported since the mid 80's when I first had mine, they do know some thing about it but there is no cure. Only FEAR of the attack is the cause, and for me it is Im affaid impossible to erase it from my brain, so again on these meds I live a Normal life I just take a xanex as soon as I feel the first signs of an attact,and it is fast acting but I have to take the valium or( generic diazapam ) as it is log lasting, and I dont take them like at any specific time, I have to carry them with me all the time and I usually end up taking one each a day. I hope you can get something out of this, and wish you well, remember your not crazy, its just driving you to think so, and there are so many of us out here ! please ask me any questions, and dont be ashamed to the public as many people, if they dont have this they ussualy know someone who Does.

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