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Binge eating and depression

PLEASE... If only one person answers it would be a huge help. I'm 16 years old and have some serious problems. I started working out about two years ago, and immediately became obsessed with getting as muscular and skinny as possible. I did things to my diet such as eating little or no fat, (this lasted about 6 months) then eating little or no carbs, (this lasted about 3 months) and finally began restricting calories. After all this restriction and stress I binged once on junk food, then again a few months later, then a few times more frequently and over this past summer I lost all control. I binged every day for about 4 months and this past month I didn't binge at all. Then two or three days ago I binged again and it feels like it is going to start again. The only reason I'm not overweight is because I have an exercise addiction and workout for hours on end. I am definitely depressed and my school marks are dropping lower and lower, making it seem less likely I will achieve my dream of one day being a pilot. Sooo... The reason I am saying all this is because the depression is getting really bad now, to the point where I stay home from school because I have no motivation for anything. I just want someone who has overcome this eating problem to tell me how I can, too. I want my life back, right now I hate it.

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