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Abnormal Discharge and vulvar pain and discomfort

I'm 21 years old now, but it started when I was 20. It all started towards the end of January 2012 where I noticed an excessive yellowish green discharge and it did not smell bad at all. I didn't really think anything of it until I tried having sex and realized my vagina was actually really painful. After that I made an appointment with my doctor to get it checked out. I was checked for every STD and all the tests came back negative. Although the problem still persisted, I went on with my life putting it at the back of my mind. It was difficult to be intimate with anyone because I knew that sex would be painful. It even hurt me to wipe with toilet paper, and still does to this day.
In May, I decided to make another doctors appointment to get it checked out again. I got tested again for everything and all tests came back negative. So I got referred to a gynecologist. I had that appointment in June, and yet again they decided to test me for STD's and again, all tests came back negative. I went back to my doctor and got checked out again, and still the same with no results. I made another appointment with the gyno for the beginning of August, and at that appointment they tested me for Trichomoniasis, although they didn't really think that's what it was. At that appointment they prescribed me Metronidazole to treat Trich. I took the antibiotic for 7 days and had no relief. I never received a call back from the gyno to even tell me if the test results for trich came back positive, so I assumed it was negative.
With the problem still there, I made another doctors appointment, only this time my doctor wasn't in the office the day I went so I saw a different one. She didn't take any tests and didn't even look at my vagina. She told me to take an over the counter medication called "Prevegyne" which is a Vitamin C tablet that is put into the vagina to restore it's natural flora. It is used for Bacterial Vaginosis. For 8 months of seeing my doctor and two different gynecologists, they never had the thought of it being Bacterial Vaginosis. The doctor that told me to use Prevegyne said that the discharge would go away when the meds are finished, but the pain and irritation would go away a few weeks after that because it had been there for so long. So I pressed my luck with taking it and it turns out that the greenish yellow discharge actually did go away! I was so happy that it was actually working. So I waited a few weeks, and the pain and irritation was still there. It still hurt to have sex, and it still hurt to even wipe myself with toilet paper.
Nonetheless, I was just happy that the discharge was gone. So a couple weeks ago, I had unprotected sex and it was kind of rough, and the next day I was in so much pain and a couple days after that, the excessive discharge returned. I was really concerned now that I had actually contracted an STD this time so I made an appointment with health services at my school to get checked. The doctor took a look and said it looked like a yeast infection and to go out and buy Canesten the 5 day internal cream. She still took STD tests regardless, and since I never got a call from the doctor I'm assuming that the tests came back negative. So I went out to buy Canesten, used it, and its a week later and I still pain, irritation and yellowish green discharge.
I'm getting extremely fed up that doctors and gyno's can't figure out what is wrong with me.

If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share. Sorry this post is so long, I had to fit in every detail.


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