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Re: Father Kissed My Wife: Filed for Divorce

Hi, IT guy, I cant tell you exactly what to do, you must decide that on your own. You did say that there was trouble the first year. This is what I know, in my opinion & life experience. First, you cannot make someone love you. You can try to straighten out the misunderstanding. Do EVERYYHING that you can do, so if this ends with a divorce you know in your heart that you did all that you could to the point that you can say that to yourself and know that it is a true statement. Do this and you will not have regrets. Second, if she and her family will not cooperate to save this marriage, will they have regrets? Only God knows the heart, imho. This misunderstanding is just a symptom of a greater problem. I once heard that love and hate are very close to each other. Meaning that if she didnt love you why would she be so angry? Indifference?Thats what comes when someone is through. They would step over you if you needed CPR! But, sadly im familiar with people who judge and talking bad about someone actually unites them, like a sport! For years! Imho. Talk to her if she will let you. Do everything that you can, be
honest with yourself & with her. First, by examining your heart. Am i selfish? Am i a mommas boy? Did she try hard to find a job? Did you?
Etc. Then, ask those questions concerning her, in your heart, do you love her? Will you be able to give up everything she asks of you? What IS the real problem? Imo, she is very close to indifference. Because she can go a long time without seeing you & you have to beg? I tell my son, when a woman loves you she WANTS to be with you. Counceling was not mentioned. I have many friends from India, i know how they feel about therapy! Lol Imho, in good conscience do what you can & have to do,no regrets. Then, leave the rest to God or whatever you put your faith in.Do your best. Hope it works out for the best as well.

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