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Exclamation Red lump on foreskin - please help :O

I noticed a pink lump on the left side of the head of my penis, looking like the start of a pimple. Knowing that zits could appear down there, I thought nothing of it. In a week’s time (I believe it was a week) it grew considerably large, hurt on touch and while wearing tight pants. It was a pinkish color bump with no visible puss in the middle, so I excluded the idea of a zit.
The bump did recede to what is now an oval-shaped lump. I then thought of it as a small deal that would heal away in a matter of weeks, so I went back to not-sustaining from sex.
It’s been around 2 months now and it’s still there, same in size, only hurts less frequent and with an even smaller intensity.
I used to feel itching or a very slight pain in that area – but it was in that area, so maybe it wasn’t the bump itching/aching.
I once felt a stronger sensation of pain that I believe was exactly from the lump. Upon inspection, I saw a very small, dark dot on its side; but through the lens of a magnifying glass it looked like a white, thin splinter coming out of the lump. After a while (about a week) it went away (the tiny dark spot is still there, but the ‘white thing’ is gone and I believe the tiny spot is just a shadow).
One thing I’ve noticed about 3 days ago, was that the lump itself looks… well, calm. I don’t know how to explain, it’s probably just my psyche but the thing looks like it’s receding – the funny thing is, it’s the same in shape and size (and that’s why I think the ‘receding’ is just in my mind).

Visual: It varies from pinkish-skin-color, to pink, to a brownish-red. In the mornings or during weekends (when I don’t move very often and wear relatively comfortable clothes) it’s either pinkish-skin or light pink. After a lot of movement it’s pink; and at night it looks brownish red (I can’t really confirm the brownish red color, since it may just be bad lighting).
It sometimes looks like the bump is actually two inflamed penile papules.

Feel: Not much to say about its ‘feel’. Doesn’t hurt on touch, doesn’t itch, doesn’t swell… nothing. It’s moderately hard. Once I put my finger on it, it has a familiar feeling that I can’t quite identify.
While it kinda looks like some weird-*** insect bite, it’s been around too long to be such a thing. The penis is relatively soft, so I can’t determine whether the lump itself is soft, but I’d stick to describing it as ‘moderately hard’.
The skin on that part feels no different to my touch. It does have a ‘rubbery’ charm since the skin is stretched out because of the lump, but nothing out of the extraordinary.

Movement: If I move the foreskin around, the lump moves in the direction the skin is being tilted. Upon erections, it slightly changes to a more circular shape and moves to the shaft (so it’s either on or slightly under the foreskin).
It has a constant size, doesn’t shrink on low temperatures (unlike the penis itself :P ).

I’m sure it’s not an STD, so you can exclude that topic.

Thanks in advance.

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