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Unhappy Re: Abnormal Discharge and vulvar pain and discomfort

I'm getting extremely fed up that doctors and gyno's can't figure out what is wrong with me.
If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share. Sorry this post is so long, I had to fit in every detail./

Dear sl123, I know a little about this b/c my best friends husband is in Iraq working as a civilian for 8 years. She found out later of his unfaithfulness. Dr after dr she went. Pain, blood on tissue, yellowish, green, copious, " foamy" discharge. Finally, a gyn took a culture of the discharge, grew it for 72 hours(instead of slide) the dr looks @ for> 30 seconds. She had trichomonas & group b strep. Took metronizadole for a month, also gave her some kind of vaginal suppository for trich( big liquid filled yellow)& augmentin for ten days. She got it refilled. Inmho, i think that you are " missing" it by assuming that everything is negative because they didnt call you. At the school & drs office. Also, GO BACK if the medicine doesnt work, even if the tests are negative, they assume that all is well with you, but its not. At least you wouldnt have the same std tests 3 weeks apart. AND, my bf didnt have her husband home so this wasnt a concern for her. The dr told her No sex. Until she came back & got a healthy report on exam. Imo, this would be wise for you! You could get reinfected or it flares it up.At least, until you finish medicine & have next period.IMO. I would make another appt with the vit C dr or who you prefer, ask for a 3 day culture of drainage & a swab of your vagina wall or cervix for culture. I know from bf that its hard to call, embarrassing, office people talk loud in background. But! Its your health & life & fertility that needs to be protected, right? I would want to get rid of it no matter what unpleasant circumstance. You have tried. So, imho, get culture, tell them that metro worked @ first, get cultures, call for results, and if no better go back and no sex, but ask dr about this. I really hope & pray that you find answer & treatment. Keep posting updates as you are helping others while you get support yourself.
Dont be afraid, this isnt permanent. And if you need an ear i or we will be
here for you. Take good care of yourself, dont douche or use anything in
your vagina unless the dr says, ask about latex allergy, rest, eat well, get
outside! God bless you ps- if you have boyfriend ask him to
be checked as well. Trich & bacteria are transmittable

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