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Re: Concerned about Liver Spots

Hi There,

Thanks for your reply,

Well still getting the pain, & think ill make another appointment to see my GP & see if he can refer me for an early appointment, since i last posted, i had an appointment thu to the Lymphoedema clinic, well got my appointment tomorrow infant, need to find out why my legs & ankles keep swelling up, had this prob for nearly 8yrs now & all my doctor was giving me was water tablets which helped for a while but my legs & ankles still keep swelling up, i suppose that's why they gave me the ultrasound to see if my kidneys were the problem, but my kidneys seemed fine, but they found the 3 liver spots, went to see my diabetes nurse the other day & she looked on the computer to see what the hospital had written, it says i have a fatty liver? with liver spots, wonder can this be due to my weight? i'm not a drinker only on the odd occasion like Xmas, Birthdays, so its not because of that, hopefully the appointment at the lympodema clinic will be able to find out whats causing this swelling, also have another appointment to have a scan on my heart in December, think to check the arteries to see if there is any blockages, I've heard that swelling to legs/ankles can be a sign the heart isn't working properly, my father died aged 50yrs old from a heart attack in 1982 & i believe his mother died in 1965 with her heart around the same age, I'm 46yrs old now & don't want to go the same way!

So will see what the diagnosis is first, then if somthk is wrong i suppose they will do a thourah MRI scan!! hopefully

Do you mind if i ask what happend to you, if you,d like to keep it private then i understand! & thank you for your reply.

all the best