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Question Possible Chrons?

I am currently suffering and do not know any other way to put it. Thus far I have had an abdominal ultrasound, HIDA Scan and yesterday I had an EGD. My main symptoms are Stomach Pain in the right side. In my upper area where my gastro doc says is my small intestine area and also in the middle of my stomach on the right side and even down in the lower groin area. My HIDA Scan showed my Gallbladder was normal but I did have some Bile Reflux. On to the EGD which showed that my Esophageous was inflamed and so he took a couple biopsys of that and am suppose to hear back from him tomorrow afternoon concerning those. He said I also have a Hiatial Hernia. These are my symptoms:

Abdominal pain (soreness that is constant and some areas sore to touch) also I would describe it as a burning pain. Sometimes more severe than others.

Diarrhea daily, after eating anything or even drinking something within 15 mins I am in the bathroom with Diarrhea. Its always a yellowish/greenish color (sorry tmi) Bile?
Fatigued and just feeling drug out and tired all the time
Anemia (currently taking Iron Supplements)
Migraine headaches

I also have a prior dx of Probable Autoimmune Hepatitis. My liver enzymes roller coaster and it has never been bad enough to have required any treatment.

My doc told me yesterday after the EGD that we were going to have to look outside of the stomach now. I have no clue what he meant by that. I was still slightly out of it from the sedation but when he calls I do plan to ask him.

Does this sound like Chrons Disease to anyone? Any thoughts?

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