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Re: Dad Diagnosed With Gleason (3+5)

Originally Posted by emeraldglen View Post
My dad is diagnosed with Gleason (3+5) today.

My parents currently live in China with my sister in a provincial capital city.

I live in the SF bay area. My parents visited me numerous times in the last few years.

We are in total shock and trying to cope with the news.

My dad is 66 years old with good health.

His tPSA is over 100. His fPSA is 16.86.

His bone scan came back negative.

He will have CT scan for lymph nodes in the next few days.

Prostate cancer is not very common in China. The number of operations performed in the province where my parent live is relatively small.

I plan to have my dad's prostate biopsy specimens sent to Dr. Jonathan Epstein in JHU for reexamination. Is there anyone familiar with international shipping of prostate biopsy specimens?

Surgery, Radiotherapy, Hormone therapy, what should we do?

My sister is contacting doctors in Beijing that have more experiences with prostate cancer. I want to take my dad to a hospital with prostate cancer expertise in the SF bay area. Can anyone recommend some good hospitals and doctors? My dad has no medical insurance in the U.S.. Does anyone know the cost of the treatments in the U.S. without medical insurance?

Your helps are greatly appreciated.


Nine years ago my 47 external radiation treatments for prostate cancer cost $50,000. I only had to pay about $6,000 of it. But there is better radiation now that I don't know about: Proton Beam Therapy Radiation.