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Re: Rising PSA, need guidance on next move

Originally Posted by Pratoman View Post
Went to Urologist today, PSA continues to rise - facts and numbers as follows:

Age - just turned 62
Father had Prostate Cancer

PSA Levels:
2009 - .7
2010 - 1.1
2011 - did not take
April 2012 - 1.7 (or 1.6, not clear)
Nov 2012 - 2.2

Got the 2.2 results today. Doc did digital rectal exam, prostate felt normal.

Gave me choice - biopsy now, or wait 3 months. Told me, while you can never be sure, he feels 3 months wait would not present any real risks. I asked what he would do if it was him - he said he would do the biopsy, and he has, in a similar situation. Said the threshold at my age is 3.5, but rising level, with family history is cause for concern.

I told the doc i would come back in three months for retake but i dont know if i am doing the right thing
I am in NY area, i hear Columbia Presbyterian has high reputation docs for this. Should i
1. do the biopsy
2. wait
3. get a second opinion immediately

Also, do any docs put you to sleep for the biopsy? I've heard it is pretty painful.
Very nervous, any guidance would be really appreciated.
Absolutely do the biopsy now. Why would you wait for something with bad potential to possibly get worse, even a tiny bit. The biopsy is no sweat. I liken it to someone snapping a rubber band on your wrist, but instead it is up your a** Don't worry about a biopsy. It's just relax and it's over soon. I told my guy no Christmas card for him, though. (Joke) Columbia Presb is a GREAT hosp!! They treated my Mom for years. Cutting edge doctors.