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Re: Rising PSA, need guidance on next move

Thanks Chris. Thats what i am thinking. Unless the doc at Columbia tells me tomorrow that there is a good reason to wait on the biopsy, i''ll just get it done. The only question will be do i do it near home at my "long time" Urologist (who does have 30 years in practice), or do i do it at Columbia. Because if it went any further, i.e. if it was positive, i would go to Columbia, or Johns Hopkins, to get the surgery done (i know, i am getting way ahead of myself, thats how i am).
So we'll see tomorrow.
I pickedup a copy of my records from my doc today to bring with me. It was like 50 pages. WTH? What could be in 50 pages when i haven't even been sick yet. I told the secretary to seal the envelope so i am not tempted to open it and read thru it.