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Re: Feeling Dizzy, Post Gallbladder Removal

Originally Posted by asorge View Post
I can't help you with the dizziness issue, but I want to tell you to please be patient with your body when it comes to not feeling great yet!

I had very similar symptoms to you before I had my GB out. Very nauseous all the time, lost a lot of weight. I had my GB removed on Sept. 8 of this year. Honestly, I felt kind of queasy and did not have much of an appetite for the first 3-4 weeks at least. I felt like I got full very quickly after eating only a little, and stayed full for a long time after I ate, felt nauseous if I ate too much. I was also worried something was wrong with me. That feeling has gradually gotten better, however. It had nothing to do with eating "low fat" for me - I was eating low fat, it didn't make a difference.

My surgeon and GI doctor both reassured me that it is totally normal - particularly after I had been so sick prior to my GB removal! They said I should not feel like I had to force myself to eat. I would say a week after my GB removal (and for the next week or 2 after that), I ate half a small plain bagel (no cream cheese) for breakfast, half a small coffee cup worth of soup for lunch, and a small amount of plain noodles or crackers for dinner. I slowly increased food as my appetite came back, but I tried to stick to "easy to digest" food - canned soft vegetables, fruit cocktail, etc.

Hnd honestly, even now, 2 months later, my appetite is still not quite back to normal. But I am no longer nauseous all the time like I was, and I listen to my body when it comes to eating.

So be patient with yourself - give it a few more weeks. I was concerned after reading online about people eating meals, regular food, etc.

One positive thing for me is that I do not have diarrhea after eating fat or a larger meal like everyone seems to say online!! So don't necessarily think it will happen to you.
See, I am having the problem where I feel sick to my stomach even without eating. I went to my post operation doctor's appointment and he told me I may have to have an endoscopy because that was never done before I got my gallbladder removed. He believes I may have inflammation of my stomach or too much stomach bacteria.

It has actually become worse as I get further away from my surgery. In the beginning, I felt better. Now, I feel like I could throw up at least once a day for the last five days.