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Terrified I have melanoma

I have several moles on my body but 3 in particular are really worrying me. The most worrysome is on my neck. I've had it since I was a child and it's rather large, bigger than a pencil eraser. It's scaly and dry, sometimes around the mole will itch but not the mole itself and I've noticed sometimes I get something like a shooting pain around the area too but the mole itsn't painful at all.

The second worrysome one is on the bottom of my foot. It's not really a mole, but a freckle I guess. It's real small but everything I've read online is most of the time anything on your foot is cancerous.

And the 3rd is a mole on my stomach. It's teeny tiny but I swear it wasn't there til after this summer when I had been laying out. My husband swears I've always had it but even if I have it's definately darker.

I have made an appt with a derm but it's not til dec 3rd which feels like an eternity away. I just know that I have melanoma and I'm going to die. To top it off I'm 5 weeks pregnant so my anxiety about this is 1,000x worse.

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