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Re: Heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety

Originally Posted by dreamcatcher11 View Post
I am 41 and on HRT since July. Overall, I do think I have been feeling better this month and last week I actually felt pretty normal for 5 days in a row!! I got my hopes up (again) but this week I am having heart palpitations, dizziness and anxiety (again). Yesterday at work, I thought I was gonna have a panic attack (again). So I took the day off today to rest.

I guess I have a few main questions:

1) Why? Why am I having these severe menopause symptoms? Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Why do some women fly through this while others, like me, suffer horribly? Does this have something to do with my lifestyle, my personality, or is it just luck of the draw?

You're not doing anything wrong, I suffer horribly too and so do many other ladies so you are not alone. I can't tell you why some women sail through this phase in life while others feel like they're going to hell and back

2) Are heart palpitations dangerous? Does it mean I have a weak heart? Does is mean I am a greater risk of having a heart attack now or in the future? Should I be worried? Should I cut out anything strenuous or stressful?

Heart palpitations are very common in perimenopause, it doesn't mean you have a weak heart or at greater risk of having a heart attack but it's wise to get it checked out (and I'm not suggesting this is anything serious) just a precaution and to help put your mind at ease. Take magnesium, it's very good for heart palpitations. Continue with exercise but try to avoid stress - easier said than done

3) What can I do about these symptoms beside 'wait and see'? (I am in Japan right now and apparently there are no other estrogen options for me.) Has anyone tried any herbal supplements that helped these symptoms? Does anyone know what kinds of cyclical HRT are currently available in Canada?

Are you still having regular periods? Usually at the start of perimenopause it's the lack of progesterone that tends to cause problems. I think you can buy progesterone cream on line, like Serenity. I would get your hormones checked first before taking anything like that but I'm not sure if blood tests for hormone levels are reliable because hormones can fluctuate rapidly and sometimes from minute to minute.

4) How long do these symptoms usually last? Is it gonna get better in the next few months or am I gonna have to somehow struggle with this hellish roller coaster ride for the next few years?

My symptoms have lasted for several years but that's not to say that yours will because every woman is different.

5) Also, does anyone else feel a sense of shame or embarrassment? Does anyone feel like other people think you are faking it or weak or just plain crazy? With so many 'invisible' symptoms, does anyone really believe you?There seems to be such a stigma attached to menopause...

There is always stigma attached to menopause - It can be very lonely to struggle alone so try to seek out other women on-line or in your real world if you can to share the burden.

I am trying to enjoy the good days I have as much as possible but I am feeling more and more hopeless and discouraged. I don't want to waste any more time. I am only 41 and I am tired of living like I am dying.

Enjoy the good days and be kind to yourself on the bad days. Rest as much as possible if you can. Perimenopause is hard, it drains you, it sucks the marrow out of you at times, but I'm sure you will find something to help ease your symptoms and the best thing of all is knowing that other women out there are rooting for you and ready to listen xx

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